elmo FAQs

Got a question about electric cars or our subscription service?

Have a read through our FAQs or email hello@elmodrive.com

What is elmo?

How does an elmo subscription compare with renting, leasing and buying?
What are the benefits of a car subscription?
What cars are available?
Who am I getting the car from?
Who can use elmo?
Do you supply a physical car key with car?

How does elmo work?

What is included in the subscription?
Can I choose which services I add to my subscription?
What is Total Cost of Ownership and why is it important?

Building your Subscription Bundle

Do I need to add a public charging membership?
Why should I organise public charging through elmo?
Do I need to get a home charge point?
Why should I get a charge point through elmo?
Will I own the charge point?
Do I need to switch home energy provider?
Why should I add the Home Energy supply to my elmo bundle?
How is my Home Energy cost included in my elmo subscription?
How much is elmo’s insurance?
Can I use my own insurance?
Is breakdown assistance included?

On the Road

I’ve broken down. What should I do?
I’ve been in an accident. What should I do?
The car needs repairing. What should I do?

Picking up & Returning your Car

Can I collect my vehicle?
Can I have my vehicle delivered?
How do I arrange timing for delivery?
Do I have to carry out an inspection?
Can I return the car if I change my mind?
Can I return my car in the middle of a monthly cycle?
How do I return my vehicle?
Am I responsible for the maintenance of the car?
Do I have to clean the car before returning it?

Electric Cars General

What are the benefits of driving an electric car?
How do I charge an EV?
Are electric cars really greener than normal cars?
Can I get electrocuted?
Can I drive in heavy rain or when there is flooding?